Submit a Promotional Flyer (Reviewed/Published Monthly)

Businesses and organizations seeking to distribute materials that will benefit the parents and students of St. Vrain Valley Schools can submit flyers that will be viewable online. Flyer approval is managed by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley.

Guidelines for submission

Flyer submissions must follow the guidelines set forth by the Board of Education in policy KHC and meet the following rules:

  • Files should not be more than 3MB in size and must be submitted as a .PDF
  • Submissions to bilingual schools (marked with an asterisk * on the submission form) require flyers translated in both English and Spanish. You will be required to create two separate submissions to accomodate the two PDF files.
  • Material submitted should be of benefit to the students and staff of the St. Vrain Valley School District
  • The District reserves the right to stamp a disclaimer on the materials stating that the District’s approval for distribution is not an endorsement of that content

Click here to view the full flyer guidelines.

Approval process

Flyer approval is managed by the Education Foundation of the St. Vrain Valley. If there is a problem with your submission a representative from the foundation will contact you to let you know why your flyer was not approved. All approved flyers will be posted online at the beginning of each month. You will not receive a confirmation when the flyer has been posted and will only be contacted if there was a problem with your submission.

No flyers are approved to go in Thursday folders unless you are approved as a community partner. For these guidelines please go to the Education Foundation of the St. Vrain Valley's website.

Contact Information

If you still have questions after following the instructions above, you may contact Lisa Hoxie, Business Development Director, Education Foundation of the St. Vrain Valley at