Substitute Teacher Employment

Notice to Existing Substitute Teachers

Updated Email and Pay Stub Information

  • If you have never used your district email, please contact HR to find out what your username and initial password are.
  • If you know your username and password but have not used it in a while (over 60 days) go to to reset it.
  • The district's financial website (formally EOL) has moved to (Infinite Visions). Here you can access your pay stubs and other personal information using the same username and password as used for district email, etc.
  • Mandatory Summer Training 2017-2018Course: C111 - Mandatory Reporting and Standard Response Protocol


The application process to become a substitute teacher within the St. Vrain Valley School District requires applicants to complete the following steps:

  1. Acquire or hold an appropriate license
  2. Complete the application process and apply
  3. Attend the District's Substitute Teacher Orientation

The Colorado Department of Education issues teaching licenses to qualified applicants. The District requires that applicants hold one of the following State issued licenses:

Apply for position

Substitute Teacher Orientation
Applicants must also complete a one hour Substitute Teacher Orientation. After the District pre-screens the applications, those that are selected to be hired will be contacted and scheduled for a Substitute Teacher Orientation.


District substitute teachers are paid according to the following rates (as of July 1, 2008):

$100.00 per full day
$50.00 per half day
$150.00 per full day long term
$75.00 per half day long term

    Current Substitutes

    Current substitute teachers have access to Aesop which allow substitutes to review current assignments, review available jobs, cancel a job, and review personal information.

    The Substitute Handbook provides information and summarizes pertinent issues for substitute teachers.

    Additional Information

    For additional information or questions, please contact the Substitute Coordinator by emailing or by phone, 303-682-7393.