Early Access to Kindergarten or First Grade

Recent legislation has allowed school districts to offer “highly advanced gifted children” the option of early entrance to kindergarten or first grade. A child must be four on or before the first day of school to be an eligible candidate for Early Access to kindergarten, or five years of age to be eligible for Early Access to first grade.

Highly advanced gifted children may show exceptional academic achievement, reasoning ability, performance and motivation compared to other children. They are highly precocious and ready for school. This option is not recommended for the majority of children. Detailed screening and criteria are used to determine school readiness.

Questions and Answers

Why are students now allowed to enter school early?

Some gifted students have exhausted the resources of preschool and/or homeschooling preschool before age five. These students’ needs would best be met by putting them into school earlier. This legislation was designed with those children in mind.

Who can enter school early?

Children who:

  • have highly advanced skills in literacy and numeracy
  • have appropriate social readiness
  • have exhausted the resources of preschool due to their extensive cognitive abilities

Parent Informational Fact Sheet

How do I know if my child would be a good candidate?

We have several levels of screening to determine if a child would be a good candidate for early enrollment.

  • First, speak with your child’s preschool teacher or other adults to find out if they feel your child would meet the rigorous criteria. Skills That Represent Highly Advanced Gifted Children Age Four or Five
  • Second, contact Glenna Alexander in the Gifted Education Department at 303-702-7808 or by email to complete a brief interview and pick up a Screening Portfolio packet. This packet explains the procedure, as well as the information you will need to collect.

Helpful Articles:

How can I apply for my child to be considered for Early Access to kindergarten or first grade?

After contacting Glenna Alexander, Elementary GT Coordinator at 303-702-7808, for a brief interview, Screening Portfolio packets may be picked up at the front desk of the Student Services Department, 830 S. Lincoln, Longmont, CO 80501. 

For more information, contact Glenna Alexander, Elementary GT Coordinator at 303-702-7808 or by email.