2016 Bond Measure Facts

The St. Vrain Valley Schools' Board of Education is placing a bond measure on the November 8, 2016 ballot. Below is information that is important and relevant to voters as they learn more about the 2016 bond measure. 

Financial Impact

The estimated impact to homeowners is
$1.82 per month, per $100,000 of a home’s assessed value.

Bond Measure Facts

  • St. Vrain Valley Schools' annual enrollment is increasing significantly each year, with total enrollment currently exceeding 32,000 PK-12 students. It is projected that more than half of the district's school buildings will be operating beyond capacity within the next five years. This includes some schools that would be operating at more than 140 percent capacity.
  • The bond measure would fund the following facility needs:
    • Additional classrooms, science labs and other instructional space to address student enrollment growth in schools district-wide
    • Construction of three new schools in areas with rapid enrollment growth
    • A district-wide Innovation Center located in Longmont to further enhance core programs and curriculum, including the district's science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program
    • School safety and security improvements, including the installation of interior and exterior security cameras at elementary schools district-wide and improvements to the entrances of numerous elementary school buildings
    • Replacement of outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical systems, roofing, plumbing, doors and hardware to extend the useful life of existing school buildings and improve energy efficiency
  • Approximately 68 percent of the bond funds would go toward providing additional classroom space. The remaining 32 percent of the funds would address school safety and security upgrades, repairs and renovations to existing school facilities.
  • The District Finance and Audit Committee, comprised of financial professionals from local businesses, will provide ongoing review and assessment of the projects.
  • The last time St. Vrain Valley Schools asked voters to fund school building improvements was in 2008. These bond projects were completed in a timely manner and within budget.
  • Over 95 percent of K-12 aged children living in the St. Vrain Valley attend a public school.
  • St. Vrain Valley Schools is comprised of 55 schools and programs, including: 23 Elementary, 8 Middle, 1 Middle/Senior, 7 High Schools, 1 K-8, 1 PK-8, 1 Spark! Discovery Preschool, 1 Alternative High, 1 Online High, 1 P-TECH School, 1 High-Quality Homeschool Enrichment School, 1 Main Street Special Education program, 1 Career Development Center program, 1 Innovation Center program and 6 Charter Schools.
  • Since 2010, St. Vrain Valley Schools has refinanced bonds to lower interest rates, saving taxpayers more than $32 million over the life of the bonds. Bond spending is overseen by a public accountability committee that includes members of the community and district administration.

Bond Plans by Community

To learn more about the improvements proposed in each community, visit a link below. In addition to the projects listed in the community links below, the bond plans include provisions for one new elementary school that will be placed in one of these communities, based on the highest need.

People who oppose this bond say:

  • We can just increase class sizes to accommodate new growth.
  • The community needs to explore more options to create additional capacity to accommodate continued enrollment growth that would not involve building new schools.
  • Property values are going up in our area, resulting in higher property taxes. With the passage of this bond, our taxes will be even higher.
  • The district seems to be enjoying a lot of success with their current level of resources, so they do not need more.
  • Schools should be fully funded by the state, not by local property taxes.

2016 Bond Advisory Team

Board of Education

  • Bob Smith, President
  • Joie Siegrist, Vice President
  • Paula Peairs, Treasurer
  • Debbie Lammers, Secretary
  • Amory Siscoe, Assistant Secretary
  • John Ahrens, Member
  • Richard Martyr, Ph.D., Member

Community Task Force

  • Janett Amsbaugh
  • Dan Benevides
  • Tony Carey
  • Mitch Carson
  • Dennis Coombs
  • Kathy DeMatteo
  • Jessica Erickson
  • Joyce Frailey
  • Kate Gaddis
  • Chico Garcia
  • Allen Ginsborg
  • Tina Harris
  • George Heath
  • LaVern Johnson
  • Jane Lim
  • Rita Liu (Co-chair)
  • Julie McCawley
  • Laura McDonald
  • Trip Merklein
  • Wendy Miller
  • Scott Neuhard
  • John O’Brien
  • Charles Olsen
  • Sara Olson
  • Douglas Peairs
  • Julia Pirnack
  • Karen Ragland (Co-chair)
  • Edwina Salazar
  • Karen Sekich
  • Sam Seyfi
  • Gary Shields
  • James Sites
  • Debbi Stapp
  • Mark Stauch
  • Susan Steidl
  • Leona Stoecker
  • Katie Torres
  • Thaxter Williams
  • Jane Wolford
  • Wein-Pin Yeh
  • Greg Zadel
  • Xiao Zhang

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Adam Bergquist
  • Ramona Farineau
  • Greg Fieth
  • Scott Gilbert
  • Erika Lind (Co-chair)
  • Shelly Murphy
  • Heather Parrish (Co-chair)
  • Paula Peairs
  • Joie Siegrist
  • Jane Frederick
  • Kristyn Unrein
  • Tony Whiteley

Preliminary Planning Committee

  • Don Haddad, Ed.D., Superintendent
  • Jackie Kapushion, Area Assistant Superintendent
  • Brian Lamer, Assistant Superintendent of Operations
  • Rita Liu, Community Member
  • Linda Lohmann, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
  • Todd Piccone, Director of Construction and Maintenance
  • Karen Ragland, Community Member
  • Terry Schueler, Financial Services Department
  • Ken Schuetz, Community Member
  • Scott Toillion, Director of Planning